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I'm an Adult and I Can't...


As an adult what can’t you do…or never have done? There are some things in life you expect everyone knows how to do: tie their shoes, swim, ride a bike, or even drive a car… but some people just never learned how.

“As the popularity of cycling increases across the country, especially in larger cities where commuting by bike is becoming commonplace, some people need to learn how to ride.  There's a generation of adults who grew up without bicycles on every driveway and that means, in their middle age, it's time for them to finally learn how to ride a bike.  Adult 'learn to ride' programs are popping up where groups of adults can learn the joys of biking together and hopefully feel less embarrassed by the fact that they aren't able to ride.”

Slacker is convinced that his son will be this person; he cannot for the life of him convince his son that it is a safe activity.  There is one thing that Steve has never done, but is sure that if forced to do could… iron shirts, Slacker also has never done this either. 

What life skill did you never learn as a child?
As a child I never learned how to water ski, and I really want to learn…but now I am the oldest and when I see they younger ones water skiing and “kicking my butt” at it, it makes me not want to learn…
Intern Lauren
(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphoto.net)

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05/02/2013 6:17PM
I'm an Adult and I Can't...
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