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I like to go at it.....VERBALLY! Perv!

So the other day Jojo my co-worker and I were messing with each other and I started to rip on what she was wearing because it was lil frumpy and grandma-ish....She started saying "well you're all Edge Appareled out today because you have to be on TV"  I looked at what I was wearing and she was right EVERY piece of clothing I was wearing was from Edge Apparel....But then I got thinking EVERYTHING I OWN AND WEAR DAILY IS FROM EDGE!  They have the best clothes from all of the best designers...It's the clothes I wear, all of my friends wear and to be honest when I am out and see a guy with good swag HE TOO is wearing clothes that are Edge Apparel!  Get in and see for yourself today.  801 N. Mayfair Rd or look them up online at you may even get a killa deal because Edge has specials the whole month of December baby!!!!  Time to get YOUR Edge on...don't ya think!?!?!?!

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11/30/2012 11:14AM
I like to go at it.....VERBALLY! Perv!
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12/12/2012 8:04AM
This has nothing to do with your blog post...
But I just heard on air that your son wrote all over his bedroom furniture in Sharpie marker, & I tried to call in/text in a SOLUTION!! :) Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser got Sharpie off of my walls and doors after my little cousin did the same thing... just an FYI! It came right off.
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