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I can't believe I wore _____.


There is a new fashion trend that is sweeping the nation, or is it? Yes, they are called Meggings; leggings for men. Two men in Chicago launched "Meggins Man Wear" that are sold for $29.95. Fashion trends change yearly.

Slacker says he’ll buy Steve a bunch of them since he loves them. He said he wore something similar when he was in the band; t was like ‘jeggings,’ but he called them stretch jeans. Steve wants the biker looking ones and Slacker is going to get them for Steve and make him wear them in two months. Slacker questions the fashion statement where everyone
was wearing neon pink and green workout stuff in the early 90’s.

Steve thinks they’re the greatest things ever and that it makes men looks like super heroes. Eventually, he says he’ll wear them and hoist them up and look awesome like Mr. Incredible.He can't believe he used to wear camo pants.

What is something you can’t believe you wore?

I can’t believe I wore 'Phat Farm' shoes. You know, the ones with the metal P on the shoe that were ghetto as heck!? Yeah, I though I was so cool.


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01/21/2014 7:22PM
I can't believe I wore _____.
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01/22/2014 5:06PM
I cant believe I wore...
moon boots
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