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I Shouldn't Be Alive


A UK man's heart restarted when the ambulance he was riding in hit a huge pothole. The 65-year-old was exercising at home when his heart rate skyrocketed to a life-threatening 190 beats per minute. His wife called for help and paramedics came and drove him to the hospital. They planned to give him a shot when they got to the hospital to stop his heart so they could restart it normally. On the way there the ambulance hit a pothole and it shocked his heart back to a healthy 60 beats per minute. He and his wife drive on the same road on a regular basis and usually curse the awful condition of the road. This time it all worked out for him. The jolt saved him from having to undergo the procedure. He spent three days in the hospital but is fine.

Slacker had a brush with death. He was out one night and was robbed at gunpoint. He was at a payphone and some guy came up to him and demanded he handed over his money. Slacker told him to go away and the guy pulled out a gun and pointed it has his face. After the guy took the money out of Slacker's wallet, he yanked his wallet back and the guy hit him in the face with the pistol. Later that night when Slacker was at the police station filing his report, he heard on the police radio that the guys that had robbed him shot and killed another guy!

What is your "I Shouldn't Be Alive" story?

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07/16/2013 12:07AM
I Shouldn't Be Alive
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