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Sarah Jessica Parker recently admitted she just had her first ever tequila 49 years old! Slacker tried to give someone his phone number the other day, and they didn't have a cell phone!

Slacker says he can’t believe she has never drunk tequila before. He says he wishes he could avoid tequila for a lifetime like her. He wishes he never had a shot of Jager and rumple mints. Slacker says Steve doesn’t want to be in a wedding because he’d be too good of a groomsman. He would hit on all the bridesmaids and have an epic bachelor party. He was astounded that a person didn’t have a cell phone. He feels emptiness in his soul without his phone.

Steve says he has done everything once. He has never been a best man or groomsmen for a wedding. He just doesn’t want to.  

Lil' D has never been to Disney World or Land. He had no childhood. He took one vacation ever and that was Tuscon, Arizona in a hotel.

What have you never done or had before?

Never have I ever smoked marijuana. And I live in Colorado. Weird.

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05/07/2014 4:14PM
I Never
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