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I Never

When your life starts you make memories doing the same things and watch the same movies but, there are those people that never do stuff that a lot of people usually do or have seen.
Slacker his parents still believe in cash transactions. They don’t go to ATM’s. They never use the credit card gas machine because they always just pay in cash. He doesn’t even think they know their pin number.  He has never been to a Red Lobster. He grew up poor, but he never went even when he could afford it. He went from Long John Silver’s to Sushi restaurants. He completely leap frogged Red Lobster.

Steve has never been in a Taco Bell. Or eaten it-- ever. He hates Mexican food. Even being half Hispanic, he cannot eat it.

What have you never done?
I have never seen Fight Club, nor have I been to Vegas. I know sad, sad life of Nikki.

Intern Nikki

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02/20/2014 6:35PM
I Never
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02/21/2014 5:34PM
I've never gotten brain freeze!
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