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I Never


It’s amazing what we take for granted on a day to day basis… walking on the beach, savoring that meaty hamburger, driving down the highway listening to your favorite radio station… but, believe it or not some people have never experienced these commonplace events and experiences.  
Steve has never watched Breaking Bad and Slacker is extremely disappointed by this fact.  A simple solution, however, is Steve watching it on Netflix… but Steve has never used Netflix either. Until recently Slacker had never eaten Nutella despite being a giant sweets eater. The experience was clearly addictive.

What have you “missed the boat on”?

As inconsequential as it may seem, I’ve never seen The Hangover, one of the most if not the most culturally relevant movies of my time. I find that a little sad but that’s neither here nor there.  Most of my friends are absolutely shocked when I admit this because somehow my life is incomplete without seeing this film.  On a completely different note: Nutella is amazing! Eat it every day if you can!

Stay classy!
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02/06/2013 6:36PM
I Never
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