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I Can't Do____


You know the buttons where cuff links go? Steve can’t button those buttons without taking off the shirt! Slacker can’t undo a bra!

Slacker says that he has never needed to undo a bra, and now that he’s married he still never needs to. Slacker read an article that had a list of things guys should know how to do by the time they’re over 21. Some of the things on the list included: tying a tie, mixing a drink, changing a tire, grilling food, and unhooking a bra. Even though he can’t unhook a bra, Slacker says he does know how to do most of the things on this list including tying a tie. He says when he gets the knot just right he never unties it and just slips it on and of…brilliant.

Steve admits that whenever he needs to button or unbutton the buttons where his cuff links go, he has to take off his shirt. He says that his whole life his mom or someone else would do it that by the time he had to do it on his own he looked at the buttons and said, what are these? He also says though that he can do most of the things on the list like changing a tire for example…just call AAA.

What’s your ‘I Can’t ____’?

I am embarrassed to say that I cannot walk and drink water at the same time. Sadly I spill all over myself every time I try.

With Love,
Intern Elana

(Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

08/20/2013 4:25PM
I Can't Do____
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