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Hurt Decorating for the Holidays


Christmas lights, candy canes, and ornaments all have one thing in common. Yes, holiday decor, but also a high cause of injury during the holidays. About 15,000 injuries are reported due to putting up holiday decorations and the stats are rising!

Slacker is not decorating this year and usually gets hurt doing one thing or another, especially after seeing an ordeal unfold in his own neighborhood.  He doesn’t even want to try and attempt to put up lights on his house because it is very high and a dangerous task to complete. His theory is that this man fell and was hanging by his gutter. A piece of the gutter impaled the man. There was talk for flight for life!

Steve hates those nosey people that try and see what the situation is during an emergency. He hates the inflatable decorations in front of the house, but if the man would have landed on the inflatable decorations, he could’ve been saved.

Have you ever been hurt for the holidays?

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays but you would never catch me on my roof putting up lights. I am not going to be the one getting hurt for the pretty lights to be admired. But I will for sure do the Christmas tree by myself. The only time I was ever hurt by decorations is when a sliver of a candy cane splintered my finger. But that’s about it.

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12/09/2013 4:21PM
Hurt Decorating for the Holidays
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12/09/2013 5:15PM
After Thankgiving Surprise
Hi Slacker and Steve... I wanted to tell my story of when I was injured just a few days after thanksgiving. First off my name is Travis Strong and I was in the Army for 11 years. On November 27th of 2006 I was in Baghdad, Iraq. My unit was the first unit to field test the Army's new vehicle the Stryker. We were conducting a night mission and my Stryker was hit with an E.F.P. (Explosively Formed Penetrator). It hit right where I was sitting and I had both of my legs blown off that night. My lunge collapsed and I Flat Lined 4 times that nigh. It is a miracle that I lived through it! But I did!!
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