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Hurt By Technology


Recently there have been some crazy stories in the news about people getting hurt by technology. Like the 15 year old boy that burnt himself trying out the new “Fire Challenge” he saw online. Then a 13 year old girl woke up to her cell phone burning her pillow!

A 15-year-old in Kentucky suffered second-degree burns after rubbing alcohol on his chest and lighting himself on fire in imitation of the popular Facebook and YouTube “Fire Challenge” videos. Officers were called to assist a teenager who had burned himself after watching the “Fire Challenge” videos online. The teen mimicked the online videos by pouring rubbing alcohol on his body and then setting himself on fire. Videos of the “Fire Challenge” also show teens spraying themselves with aerosol cans before lighting portions of their body on fire in order to singe off their own hair. But the videos never show the physical aftermath of lighting one’s self on fire. One of the firefighters who took the teenager to the hospital said that the burns suffered by the boy will likely affect him for the rest of his life.


A 13-year-old girl woke up recently to the smell of something burning and when she looked under her pillow, she saw it was her phone. When her dad pulled it off the bed, it looked like a charcoal briquette and he's furious with the Samsung Company for letting this happen. Samsung fired back, however, saying that they warn customers against using batteries not from the manufacturer as these rechargeable batteries can cause a fire if covered by bedding or other material. Nonetheless, Samsung is picking up the cost of replacing the phone, the bedding and even the mattress.
Slacker talks about how the fire challenge is silly and how Steve does it with his nose hairs! He also talks about why he sleeps with a pillow under his bed. Slacker says that when he didn’t have his phone under his pillow he couldn’t hear anyone calling or his alarm! He brings up how his son was watching American Ninja Warrior and his son begins jumping from couch to couch! Slacker continues and says that his son jumped and caught his foot on a table and smacked himself on the fireplace, now his son has a nice lump. He says the blames it all on technology!
Steve put a lighter up his nose during the show to prove it’s not a big deal! He says he does it for his nose hairs, it’s easier than trimming.
How have you been hurt by technology?
Intern Tyler

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07/30/2014 4:18PM
Hurt By Technology
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