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How do you feel about weddings? Survey says...

Nick McPhee via Flickr

The people at Harris Interactive just released the results of a new poll on Americans' feelings toward weddings . . . and it proves one main thing:  No matter WHAT you do for your wedding, a bunch of people are going to hate it.



Here are five of the best stats from the survey . . .



1.  6% of people have skipped a wedding to avoid DRAMA . . . 3% have skipped one because they didn't APPROVE of who their friend or family member was marrying . . . and 1% have skipped one to avoid running into an ex.



2.  84% of people are still cool with the tradition of the bride's father "giving her away" . . . but 16% of people don't like it.



3.  We're pretty split on whether brides should wear white . . . since, you know, barely anyone gets married as a virgin anymore.  54% of people say the bride should wear white . . . 46% say it doesn't matter.



4.  88% of people think destination weddings are RUDE because they put too much of a financial burden on guests.



5.  And 71% of people think if it's one person's second wedding . . . or third, fourth, or fifth wedding . . . the wedding should be more subdued. 



(Harris Interactive)

06/05/2014 7:57AM
How do you feel about weddings? Survey says...
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