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How To Save A Marriage


Divorce rates are at an all time high and a certain professor thinks he has the answer to it…Ecstasy.  He says that married couples should have the right to partake in Ecstasy legally to help their union.  He says that the internet is killing romance, and dating is disposable so this, even though it’s very radical, could be the answer. 
Slacker has never done a drug a day in his life.  Steve has experimented enough for the two of them.  Collectively they agree that if the marriage is over, Ecstasy isn’t going to save it no matter what.  Steve has tried it and said it was a good time but says that relations without it will never be the same if you don’t enjoy it without the drug. It heightens all of your senses so if you can’t enjoy relations sober then you will only ever be able to have relations on it which isn’t a good thing.  Slacker’s take on it is that if you already don’t want to be touched by your partner, then you’re not going to happy about being touched by someone you don’t want touching you when your senses are heightened.  Slacker tried a less unorthodox approach to save his first marriage, they went to marriage counseling.  The therapist, who should have “milked” them for a certain amount of sessions, realized how much they hated each other and told them to move on immediately. 
What extreme measures would you take to improve or save your marriage?
I think that in a relationship if you can’t enjoy each other’s company without being in bed, you’re probably better off away from one another.  I don’t think it’s a bad idea to experiment recreationally, but drugs are not an answer to any marital problems whatsoever.  Also, I think that this “professor” should go under review at whatever school he teaches at.
Intern Kelly
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02/11/2013 7:34PM
How To Save A Marriage
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