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Hotel Horrors

CNN has reported that when they went to check into the 11 rooms they booked only one was ready. The water is coming out brown, people can’t use the water at all because they claim there’s something dangerous on it, they can’t flush the toilets, there’s debris everywhere, the lobbies are even finished. And the Olympics start tonight. Good luck with that.

Slacker thinks this is ridiculous and disgusting. The water looks like pee. He swears he heard due to the unexpected influx of athletes, they are gonna need pillows for them because they can’t provide them. Slacker was in a hotel room and a man had a key that opened his door. He walked in and was so scared because he thought Slacker was there to kill him. Meanwhile, Slacker was terrified because he was in there first and wonders who the heck made a second key for his room!?

Steve is laughing at the entire situation.

Lil D’s friend went to Vegas and they smelled a horrific smell in the hotel and the next hotel room over was sectioned off because they found a dead body under the bed…. So sickening.

What horrifying hotel encounter have you experienced?

I stayed at the same hotel an entire family was murdered. Yeah I didn’t sleep. And I wanted to leave. Why we stayed there? I don’t know.

Intern Nikki


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02/06/2014 7:20PM
Hotel Horrors
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