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Hot Doctors


Ladies, meet Dr. Manuel Rico. He's a gorgeous guy from Spain, also known as The Hottest Gynecologist EVER. Yup ... this ridiculously good-looking male, who was crowned the Spanish Beauty King back in 2010, is also an OB/GYN!  Can you imagine having HIM examine you down there?!

Slacker said he would think it was weird if he was coughing while his hot chick doctor was checking his prostate. Your body is a dirty germy place. He doesn’t want good looking people even working on his car. People that are good looking and are for example, an I.T. person, they are “not as devoted at their craft as the others.”

Steve said he would not mind a hot chick being his doctor in some situations. He thinks that women would want a female GYNO that is an older man or a woman. If Steve is getting a prostate checked it has to be an old battle ax of a guy.

How about you ladies? Would you like for your “lady” doctor to not only be a guy but a hot guy?

I would not care too much. Male or female doesn’t matter to me the quality and expertise is what I care about. Although I did have a hot guy give me x-rays the other day and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable since I was not looking my best you know hospital gown my legs weren’t shaved etc. So maybe I would not like it unless… ok I would still like it.


(Photo courtesy of buzzfeed)

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12/05/2013 7:53PM
Hot Doctors
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