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Conducting a science experiment on the radio?! We have been checking horoscopes for the last 3 months. That’s right we actually worked for this story. This is how it works, people go to a website in the morning and as they go through their day they notice things pertaining to that horoscope. Have you ever done it in reverse and gone back to a major event and read that day’s horoscope to see if it says anything about it in the horoscope? We asked for people to call in if they had an epic event like babies, proposals, accidents, promotions, etc. We looked back into our archive to see if the horoscope predicted it or not.

Slacker (Aries) read a horoscope dated back to 10/11 on a day when he and Steve gotten into an argument. The horoscope said on both sides that they would be fighting with co-workers. While it is still vague it is still relevant.

Steve (Sagittarius) thinks astrology is bunk. Horoscopes were invented 1,000 years ago yet the star’s positions have all moved in the sky. Steve says that today they would all be off by one.

Tally of callers says:   3=true     2=false

Has a horoscope ever proved true on something major in your life?

My day today: It was snowing this morning it took me 1 hour and 45 min to get to school. It was my last day at I am now a graduate. I had my exit interview with the school director and told her all the ways I think they could improve the program. I am now on a scary journey to find a job and start a new life fighting for a dream with so many others doing the same. It was a bittersweet day because I’m going to miss my new friends but I am excited for it's finish.

My Horoscope today Virgo: Dive deep. This isn't a day to stay in shallow waters. This is a day to go beyond your normal limits. Although there may be a great emotional charge accompanying everything you do, let this be the excitement that fuels your passion and not the reason to stop. Getting started may be tough, and you may want to spend the day in bed. Once you get going, it may be hard to slow down.

My Horoscope today Libra: You may think only advanced surfers can handle the big waves. But how are you going to improve your ability if you don't test your limits? This is your day. Take control and push beyond your boundaries. You'll find validation. This is one of your fantastic "up" times when you're glowing with passionate radiance that showers light on the rest of the world. (courtesy of horoscope.com)

Do you think it’s accurate?


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12/04/2013 7:18PM
Horoscope Hypothesis
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