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During a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez admitted that she was homeless for a while before hitting it big. Amazingly, she wasn’t alone. Here are some superstar celebrities who also had to live in their cars or on the streets before becoming famous:

Jim Carrey, Halle Berry, Jewel, Drew Carey, Suze Orman, Tyler Perry, David Letterman, Dr. Phil, Kelsey Grammer

Slacker says that he got to the point where he was homeless when he was a musician but he never admitted it. When he would need a place to crash if he didn’t know of a friend nearby he wiould spend the night in his car, but that was what the lifestyle was like. He remembers going to the gas station and doing the French shower in the sink…you got to do what you got to do.

Steve says he remembers Jim Carrey saying that at the end of the day he had love in his family. So even though he was homeless, he always had his family.

Slacker thinks that some of the greatest achievements in life come from some of the greatest sacrifices in life. People like Halle Berry and Jim Carrey got to wear they are because they were willing to sacrifice everything. So many people walk by homeless people and think they’re lazy and should just get a job, but when you think of it, someone years ago walked by Jennifer Lopez and said the same thing, when in fact she knew exactly what she was doing. She was willing to give up everything – to achieve everything and more.

We want to know, what’s it like not to have a home?

With Love,
Intern Elana

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07/23/2013 7:33PM
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