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Slacker and Steve have friends that have kids that are tweeners. The father got a pay cut so they don’t have enough to afford daycare over the summer. Now they are discussing leaving their kids alone for the summer while they go to work.

Steve was left alone once before his parents realized it was a bad idea. He used to take motor-oil and throw them into other people’s pools because it wrecks their filters.

Dave was left alone around 11 or 12 and his brother was 8 or 9. He was left alone between normal work day hours, five days a week. Dave is actually surprised he and his brother are still alive because they would take rolls of paper towels, empty them, stuff the paper into the rolls and light them on fire!

Slacker says between Dave and Steve, he can already tell this is a bad idea for them to leave their kids alone. Dave says it prepared him to get out of disastrous situations quickly, but Slacker still is not convinced.

Do you think they should leave their kids home alone for the summer?

What is your home alone story?

Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/21/2013 4:21PM
Home Alone
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