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Hit in the Head (aka Clocked in the Cabesa)


There are a lot of stories in the news about people being hit in the head lately!
A couple is suing the National Aquarium in Baltimore for over $16,000 after they claim a dolphin bonked their young son on the head with a pool toy. The couple and their son attended a dolphin show at the aquarium in April of last year. After the show, a trainer tossed a pool toy into the pool and the dolphin responded by launching at spectators. The little boy was hit in the head by the pool toy injuring him. The parents are now suing the aquarium for $16,454 for negligence and pain and suffering. (Click here for the full story)
A coach at a school in Aurora, Illinois was hit in the head with a shot put during a track meet.
The man was hit in the head with the 12-pound and blacked out. He was taken to the hospital.
Turns out he suffered a fractured skull but is going to be okay. He is expected to be released from the hospital this week.
Slacker thinks that Steve was dropped on his head when he was younger. He is confused on how a pool toy can hurt someone, says it’s just full of air! Slacker claims he was awesome at shot put, better than anyone could have imagined.
Steve says it must have been a big pool toy in order for the people to sue for that much. He calls out Slacker saying he has never done anything shot put or discus related! Steve said he had a baseball to the eye. He said that he swelled up so badly and so fast that the gravel was stuck in his wound!
Lil D was in a bear suit sliding on a banister and fell down two flights of stairs! He says he woke up two days later in a hospital. Lil D says the reason he was in a bear suit because at a summer camp he was the only one tall enough to play Chewbacca for a Star Wars play. He says they didn’t have enough money for a real outfit so they bought him a bear!
What crazy hit in the head story do you have?

Intern Tyler

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05/30/2014 6:28PM
Hit in the Head (aka Clocked in the Cabesa)
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