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High School Rules: Lunch Tables Based on Grades


A high school in LaVergne, Tennessee is under fire for separating students at lunch based on their grades. During the lunch period, students who are making poor grades are separated from their classmates and forced to eat in a separate location. The school says they are doing it so those kids who are doing poor get help during the lunch periods. But many parents are upset saying it's basically segregation.

Slacker says it is not a bad idea. Lunch is when the bullies would come out. Hanging with the smart kids outside became a gathering and challenged each other making us smarter and making each other better. It benefits the smart kids and it will take the popular kids down the toilet.

Steve agrees with the school. That way they get extra attention from the teachers. Steve was more interested in hanging with the cool kids than keeping up with the grades. There is already segregation during school then because they already separate the kids during advanced classes and special needs classes what is the difference?

Do you agree with the school’s policy? Do you think it will help or hurt the students with poor grades?

If your child is getting bad grades then they need to have that extra time to get help. I absolutely agree with what this school is doing. Segregation is separating people based off of things that they can’t help like skin color or deformation or due to religion. If a child is getting bad grades they can improve it for themselves and if they are special needs then they should be getting the extra help anyways. School is for learning not socializing. Teach our kids that there are consequences when you get bad grades. What’s next?  Summer school cancelled because it’s not fair that they should be separated from others on vacation! Their education should always come first. The school has even brought up the graduation rate through this process I say keep up the good work!



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11/13/2013 7:28PM
High School Rules: Lunch Tables Based on Grades
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11/16/2013 12:51AM
It sounds stupid.
Did dunce caps work? Who knows. I'd guess that if they did, the government would pay 500.00 a piece for them. How about, make that bully principal sit in a small table in the middle of the room and alternate one slacker or one overachiever a day gets a pea shooter. Unity among kids.
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