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They're cute, cuddly, and we love them. They're our pets and sometimes they can save lives! Nick Lamb from Indianapolis has been deaf since birth. He wanted to take a nap and took out his hearing aids so I can sleep comfortably.  An electrical fire broke out in the garage and the house went up in flames! He was saved from a house fire by his pit bull Ace licking his face to wake him up! Smudge the cat saved his five-year-old owner from bullies!

Slacker says say what you want about pit bulls. But this one is awesome! He wants to know how old were the kids picking on the 5-year old?  He says the cat wasn’t even that coo, but he did do a god deed.  He wants to hear reptile pet stories.  His dog must have studied their ceiling fan. His fan would spin so fast that it would wiggle like crazy. He turned the fan on and it is going really fast when his dog Mojo was growling at the fan. He went to put Mojo in the backyard right as he was getting up the fan came barreling off onto his bed! Can you say great timing?

Steve says him and Slacker pokes a lot of fun at cats. He says cats are selfish and only look out for themselves and the fact that a cat saved his owner is only because he was saving himself first.

How did your pet save your life?

I was walking my dog when all of a sudden three loose pit bulls attacked my dog and almost attacked me! But being the amazing dog he was, he fought them off and I didn’t get hurt at all! The pit bull’s owner was taken to jail that night too.

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07/17/2014 7:18PM
Hero Pets
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