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Hero Pets


Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes, even four legged and furry! Lesley Hailwood has a German Shepherd named Nell. Recently the dog saved Lesley’s life with her own version of the Heimlich Maneuver. Lesley was choking on chocolate when Nell acted quickly. The dog hopped onto the sofa and then jumped onto Lesley’s chest! Saving her masters life!

Slacker thinks Steve should get a cat; it may save Steve’s life. Slacker asks how in the world you choke on chocolate. Thinks she must have eaten a Kit Kat sideways! Then Slacker remembers at the movies the other day how he saw a guy eating a Kit Kat the wrong way! Didn’t break the bar but ate it whole! Doesn’t understand how anyone can do such a thing!

Steve says he would never get a pet, not even a cat. Thinks that is how you’re supposed to eat a Kit Kat! Steve says it’s just easier and not as messy! Thinks he could smear it all over his cloths and everything if he breaks off a piece! He thinks the dog secretly just wanted the chocolate treat and that it wasn’t conscious of her owner choking.

What’s your hero pet story?

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05/09/2014 4:36PM
Hero Pets
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