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Great Mate Debate: Wedding Pay Back


Today's Great Mate Debate is between a father, William, and his daughter, Mandy. He paid for her wedding and she was divorced 3 months later...now, he wants her to pay him back. He says she has gotten everything she's ever wanted and it's time she learn some consequences. She says she wasn't planning on getting divorced so fast and her dad is overreacting.
Whose side are you on?

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09/06/2013 8:15PM
Great Mate Debate: Wedding Pay Back
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09/10/2013 12:33PM
Do The Work
I heard this on the radio last night. While I agree that 3 months is pretty quick to give up (I've been married just over 20 years), I think that asking for the money back is a bad move by the dad. I get where he was coming from, but it's not a "gift" as someone said on the radio. It is, however, something parents do. Expensive weddings don't make lasting marriages. The only way to get that is to do the work. I was very happy to hear the outcome with them all agreeing to sit down and talk and Dad saying it wasn't about the cash!
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