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Got Them to Dump Me


Askmen.com came out with a list of ways to get someone to break up with you. Among you: let yourself go and start hanging out with attractive people. We know there are better ways than that! Be disgusting: fart on your significant other, pick your nose then rub their hair. When you two are out, always drink too much. Become overly obsessed with their friends: hang out with them when they aren’t around, call them just to “say hi.” Be mean to their parents, don’t pay for dinners, be stingy, etc!

Slacker says the girl is usually more mature and breaks it off normally. Men… Different story. He says it’s dumb if you let yourself go because then you have to hurry and do extra work to get another one. Once you break up with a girl, they will tell everyone about you! If you aren’t doing well between the sheets, many other girls will hear about it. Slacker had started an argument with an ex about generic brand salt… Uh he was easily single after that one. “Marinate in what they hate” t-shirts will be available soon.

Steve does the slow ghost. He stops doing all the special little things, she starts to notice those things, and eventually she can tell he’s not into anymore and she breaks it off for him. As an FYI, Steve does not do clingy ladies!

What have you done to get someone to break up with you?

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08/19/2014 4:53PM
Got Them to Dump Me
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