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Good Deed Gone Bad


A man offered a drunken stranded woman a ride home and when he stopped for gas, she stole his wallet and ran off. An 82-year-old Good Samaritan thought she was helping some lost tourists. A few hours later she realized they stole her wallet from her car and $1,000 was missing from her bank account. A Colorado couple noticed a child sitting in the back of a car with all the windows rolled up so they called the authorities. Once the mother came outside and realized they had reported her, she became enraged! She hit the man in his face, then got into her car and ran over the woman. She crushed her leg and now she may never be able to walk again.
Slacker had a friend who asked him to come have a few beers with the dudes (so he would look cool) so Slacker of course said he would do it, but they ended up closing down the entire bar for him. As soon as he walked in he received a 25 page long script and a microphone. If anyone needs a life hammer, ask Slacker!
Steve says this is exactly why you shouldn’t do good things! He says the enraged mother is actually kind of cute, in a white trashy way, nice!
Have you ever tried to do a good deed only for it to go bad?
Intern Alli

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08/18/2014 4:53PM
Good Deed Gone Bad
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