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Girls Night Out Confession


The infamous girl’s night out.  What exactly happens? No one seems to know except for the women themselves and we usually keep our lips locked. Many have guessed, but now it’s time to fess up!  A crazy, shameful one-night stand, a trip to jail, or a promise that what happens during girl’s night stays with the girls…

Redbook asked their readers what they did on their last girls' night out?

35.9% went out to dinner

12.5% took a shopping trip

8.7% went dancing

7.1% saw a movie

4.5% met for coffee

32.5% responded with 'what's a girl's night out?'

Slacker called BS on the Redbook results and refused to take any calls from women about their “coffee” dates.  He feels bad for woman-kind if these are what women really do on girl’s night out… but he also feels that we may be hiding something behind these results.

What are your craziest girl’s night out stories?!

I’m not ashamed to tell because as far as girl’s nights are concerned mine are pretty tame.  You know, as tame as possible. We go out, get dinner, and talk.  A lot of talking… which is what I personally can’t talk about ;) Luckily enough for me and my group of friends we’re to cash poor to go full out with VIP and such so my GNOs are never anything that we have to lock up in an air-tight vault.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

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01/30/2013 6:48PM
Girls Night Out Confession
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