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Girl's Night Out


Girls night out is supposed to be a night where all the girls get together and get a little rowdy. Okay, a lot rowdy. Women tend to spend more time getting ready for the night out than how much time they actually spend out. The top 20 products women use before they go out are:
1. Shampoo
2. Deodorant
3. Shower gel
4. Mascara
5. Conditioner
6. Perfume
7. Foundation
8. Eye shadow
9. Face moisturizer
10. Nail varnish
11. Lipstick
12. Body moisturizer
13. Blusher
14. Pencil eyeliner
15. Hair spray
16. Concealer
17. Cleanser
18. Lip gloss
19. Facial scrub
20. Body scrub
Slacker says guys never plan guy’s night out…ever. There’s a new story about making a girls night out happen. They spend three days in advance planning the event. He used to do a thing where they called it naughty mommy’s night out. To get on the bus you could bring three of your girlfriends, but the person who won had to be a mom. They would bring male strippers on the bus. The first time they did this Slacker had a mic and introduced him. He took one step forward the girl in the front seat unbuttons his shirt. She and another woman both of them tore his shirt off. He may or may not have been in a relationship at the time. Women are nuts!

Steve says women are smart and are not going to call in with stories and will lie to their guys about their girl’s night out. It is like an intelligent mom colony that can keep a secret.

What is your crazy girl’s night out story?

I went to jail on a girl’s night out. End of story.

Intern Nikki
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07/17/2014 6:17PM
Girl's Night Out
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