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Ghost Stories

Lots of supernatural occurrences have been on the news recently. One woman in California claims that when she drives her truck she can feel her dead ex-boyfriend touching her hair and shoulders. She had a ghost buster inspect it who said he heard a male’s voice in the vehicle. Another woman claims to have had relations with a ghost and has done so two times.

Slacker says there is a town that has a dead beached whale that’s been decomposing and filling up with methane gases that will eventually blow up on the town around it. He says the town didn’t have the resources to remove the whale but he wonders how they withstand the smell. He doesn’t believe every single ghost story.

Steve thinks it is physically to have relations with a ghost. He thinks lots of people just make up ghost stories for fame and attention. He wonders how come you can never see an actual picture of the ghost because the footage is always grainy and blurry. He wonders why people always know famous ghosts and not just an average one.

What supernatural ghost story do you have?

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05/02/2014 4:20PM
Ghost Stories
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