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Getting Out of A Ticket

Getting a ticket can be the worst thing ever. A woman recently got out of a ticket for running a red light by choking! A Michigan police officer pulled over the woman and as he walked up to the car she was choking! He performed the Heimlich maneuver and saved her from choking.
Slacker says that Steve has used the “I’m on the radio” excuse to get out of a ticket. He says that the woman may have been faking it because it’s the best excuse ever! Slacker says that he would totally pull the choking card.
Steve claims that he was driving 75mph in a 45mph and when he got pulled over he told the officer that he was the host of a radio show and he was looking for Slacker and was late. He says that a car pulled up behind them Steve talks about another time he was pulled over he said he was an engineer and claimed that all of the stations were off air and they were losing revenue as they speak. He says the officer just let him go.
Lil D says that his mom is his excuse. He says that he was driving in front of his mother with a headlight out and turned into an apartment complex. Lil D says that a cop pulled into the complex and was harassing him about the headlights. He says that about two minutes into the cop talking to him his mother pulls up behind them and explains calmly to the officer that she will take care of it when she gets home and basically sweet talked the officer.
What excuse have you used to get out of a ticket?
I told a cop I was coming back from Martial Arts, turned out he was really into the whole cage fighting thing and decided to pick my brain. I think in the end he forgot about the ticket and sent me on my way.
Intern Tyler

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08/13/2014 7:28PM
Getting Out of A Ticket
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