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Gets Your Goat

It is those little things that just bug us that drive us absolutely insane. It's things like biting the fork, when people are always late, or when people leave their blinker on forever and never get over in to your lane.

What gets your goat?

Slacker says the most annoying thing when the bed sheets coming off the corner of the bed when you're trying to put them on. Another one Slacker hates is when people in another country are telling me to listen to music that came out in the 90's, or when the car's seatbelt locks you in place. "So annoying!"

What gets my goat is when people bite their fork--it literally hurts my teeth and sends shivers up my spine! Or when people walk too slow. I am a fast paced person, so you better keep up. No, being stuck behind a person that walks slow, especially in the mall, really gets my goat. Move!



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01/02/2014 6:38PM
Gets Your Goat
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