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Get Out Of a Date

If you’re out on a date and you’re net really connecting with the other person, what do you do? Obviously, you have a friend call you with an “emergency.” Duh! But now there’s an App that will do it for you! It is called Guardian Angel.

Slacker this app makes technology so horrible. He has used fake-a-call. That’s also an app you can use to get out of stuff. One of the apps actually has a person call you so it looks legit. Before smart phones and technology, you had to have your friends call you. He got married to get out of a bad date. This girl called the radio station and he meets her. He didn’t have a connection with her at all. He needed saving. His ex-wife came up to the girl and was like, “Is my husband flirting with you?”  And then after that they really got married.

Steve never says goodbye to anyone ever. There’s a moment where Steve ghosts out of the place. On dates, he has wanted to do that. He sees the date through to make sure she got home safe. When he worked nights at Alice he used to set up these blind dates and would bring radio station swag. If the blind date wasn’t working out  he would say he was a PR guy for the station and give the girl the shirt or whatever the swag was that night.

What excuse have you used to get out of a date?

I have used every excuse in the book to get out of dates. The best one was when I said my cat had her kittens and I had to leave to make sure she was oaky. I didn’t even have a cat. Ha!

Intern Nikki
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06/05/2014 7:18PM
Get Out Of a Date
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