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Game Show Glory

Contestants on game shows have been going viral lately, from Wheel of Fortune to Family Feud.

A contestant’s Achilles heel on Wheel of Fortune was that he couldn’t pronounce ‘Achilles’ on Friday. A student from Indiana University missed a chance to win $1 million dollars, a car, and a trip to London when he embarrassingly botched two puzzles. The contestant, Julian, managed to guess every letter to complete the phrase “Mythological Hero Achilles,” but did not read it correctly to solve the puzzle and win $1 million and a trip to London, Mediaite reported. Unfortunately, Julian mispronounced “Achilles” as “A-chill-us” and host Pat Sajak couldn’t give him credit for the answer. The next contestant pronounced the name correctly and won the round. Later in the show, Julian guessed almost every letter in the puzzle in the “person” category and could have won a car, but he managed to miss out again! The only two letters left in the puzzle were the “m” and “n” in the phrase, “The World’s Fastest Man.” However, Julian incorrectly guessed the letter “c” and once again the next contestant swooped in to solve the puzzle after Julian’s failed attempt.
Also the Sass family made it to the Fast Money round and Tim did an outstanding job, leaving Anna just 18 points away from the $20,000 prize in the second part of the round. But she stumbled over the quick questions, often repeating Tim’s answers and guessing strange secondary answers when prompted to think again. Perhaps her most cringe-worthy moment came when she was asked to name “Something a person’s belly does,” and she replied “throws up.” As the Sass family looked on in horror and clutched each other for support, Anna managed to mess up every single answer.
Slacker wonders how they send you a lifetime supply of anything, is it a box or what? He asks what if you win mops for a year do you have to tell them how much square feet the house is. Slacker wonders about lifetime supply of razors? He uses them more than the average person for his head and face. Slacker thinks if you have a collard sweatshirt you will have an easier time to get on one of the game shows, it makes for good conversation with the host. Slacker doesn’t understand how you mess up on Family Feud; they ask you the easiest questions possible!
Steve has cousins hat lived in Anaheim and they would randomly go and apply to get on game shows. One of his cousins actually got onto Showcase Showdown! He has heard that the Wheel of Fortune wheel is really unstable and pretty dirty. Steve doesn’t understand how you mistake Achilles and say A-chill-us? Steve thinks the family on Family Feud put the daughter up for adoption because of the horrific mess up.
What was your 15 minutes of fame on a game show?

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05/16/2014 4:26PM
Game Show Fails
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