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GMD: Who's the New Girl?

Alan and Karina are married and went to lunch. They ran into Alan's co-worker and the co-worker said, "Who's the new girl?" Alan obviously replied that Karina is his wife and they went about their day. Karina asked Alan what his co-worker was talking about and Alan claims he is always trying to get Alan into trouble at work, and now with his own wife. Karina thinks something is going on.

Slacker says Alan has a reason to lie. If he is cheating then it makes sense he is saying his coworker is joking. The question is if she believes her husband. He hasn’t done anything wrong before and he is sad his wife doesn’t trust him.

Steve says we have to track down this co-worker. He is causing all these problems. But he wonders why would some random dude that Alan works with start trouble for no reason?

Who do you believe?

I believe Alan. I know scummy annoying people like his co-worker and they cause trouble in relationships because
they are sad about their sorry lives they don’t have.

Intern Nikki
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07/10/2014 4:18PM
GMD: Who's the New Girl?
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07/10/2014 4:37PM
New hire
Have they even considered the words who's new girl can also mean who's the new hire?
07/10/2014 4:48PM
Alan's side
She should be ashamed of herself if she loves her husband she should have faith in him and believe him.
07/11/2014 2:59PM
Alan's side
Karina sounds like she WANTS him to be guilty rather than innocent. She won't listen to reason. I trust my husband implicitly. If a stranger came up and said that to me, I would laugh or ignore it. She has given complete power of her marriage to a stranger. A few things to consider: 1. She is incredibly insecure in herself. She admits Alan has never given her reason to mistrust him, yet she can buy into one small encounter with a stranger hook, line, and sinker screams insecurity. 2. She has been unfaithful herself and the knowledge that it if she could do it, perhaps he could too (although I believe he hasn't). 3. She is looking for an out. 4. Alan is defensive because he is being attacked. It is a natural human instinct. It isn't "proof" that he's guilty. 5. Never believe ANYTHING this volatile to a marriage unless you see it with your own eyes
07/14/2014 7:46PM
Who's the new girl
I didn't hear the end.....what happened?
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