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GMD: Sugar Daddy Dater

Adam and Sopia have recently moved in together. Adam found out Sophia pays for her bills by being a sugar baby to older men but without having relations with them. Adam thinks it’s cheating but Sophia thinks it’s completely acceptable since she uses the money to support both of them.

Slacker wants to know if she has any other jobs to support herself. He wonders if it’s worth the money. He wonders what the colleagues and co-workers think she is to the men she goes out with, and how they introduce her to their friends. He thinks if she's not having relations now, she eventually will if she continues it.

Steve wants to know if she told him up front about being a “sugar baby” or if he just happened upon this so called career of hers. He thinks it sounds for the most part professional since she doesn’t have relations with the men and is never alone with the men. He thinks men will always want to take it to the next level even if she doesn’t want to.
Should she respect Adam and quit or continue being a sugar baby to pay the bills?

I think Adam has a good point since she is technically dating other men but I think if it is completely professional then that’s Sophia’s choice. If that’s how she chooses to make a living then that’s her choice.


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03/27/2014 4:30PM
GMD: Sugar Daddy Dater
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09/10/2014 1:02AM
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