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GMD: Shoes or No Shoes?


Trish and Jerry just bought a new house and they have been getting a lot of visitors over to see the new place. She wants everyone to take off their shoes before walking on the carpet so they don't mess up the new carpet. He says that he thinks peoples gross socks or bare feet are worse than the bottom of shoes on the floor.

Slacker has a dog and two kids so he feels awkward telling his friends to take off their shoes. Slacker’s wife has purchased a $50 dress to go with her $400 dollar shoes. She has also worn leggings with boots and under those is a pair of rainbow colored tube socks because you aren’t expecting to have to take off your shoes in public. Are you really being good to your guests when you ask them to do that?

Steve says this is a very relatable topic. Says there is no compromise here it is one or the other. Bare feet and socks are worse because it is gross. Booties are ridiculous also. As a host it is your #1 priority to make your guests feel comfortable.

Shoes or no shoes? You decide! Pick a side and tell us… why?

I think food and drink will ruin the carpet far worse than shoes will. I have never made people take off their shoes I just get the carpets cleaned and spot clean in between. I also suffer from stinky feet and that is embarrassing if I am at a friend’s house and they make me take them off. The only time shoes come off at the door is if they are wet or muddy so I don’t step on it later in my socks. I hate wet socks!


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11/21/2013 5:36PM
GMD: Shoes or No Shoes?
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11/22/2013 7:45PM
no shoes!!!
people split, blow their nose, animals pee on the ground, people spill things and you walk on this.Yuck. Do you really want to lay down on the floor in all those germs?
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