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GMD: Sell the Farm


Two sister's relationship might end in disaster in today's Great Mate Debate! Taylor needs medical work done and wants to sell the family farm to get money for her surgery. The problem is that their dad died and left them the farm to do his daughters. Jana, her sister, says no way to selling it because their dad worked his entire life for that farm.

Slacker thinks Jana is being mean to Taylor, and asked Jana if she wants to keep her dad’s land is she going to learn to farm? Slacker said that they both have half then who cares what Taylor buys with the money.

Steve said that their dad wouldn’t want any of this fighting. Steve was in a similar situation but he bought his sister out when it came to his situation. Jana isn’t able to buy Taylor out.

Whose side are you on?

This is hard because I have never been in this situation. I think that they should rent it out and profit off of the property. Neither of them is going to farm, or use it for themselves. So they should just figure that part out and stop fighting about it. Or hire lawyers and fight it out to the death…

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01/23/2014 4:25PM
GMD: Sell the Farm
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01/23/2014 4:52PM
Keep. The farm
You need more than medical bills to want to sell. Leave the lane alone forget it and someday in the near future it will be worth a lot.
01/24/2014 3:46PM
Keep the farm
Buy out the sister half. keep the land and rent out the land.
01/24/2014 6:46PM
Keep the farm
legally divide in kind so the farm is divided in half. One sister can keep her half and the other can sale hers. Better yet sale the one sister's farm out to the other at an affordable price.
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