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GMD: Not Gonna Be A Truck Driver


Today's Great Mate Debate is about a couple quarreling over a job. Roger has a Master's Degree, but hasn't found a job yet. Megan's father owns a trucking company and said he would hire Roger so that he can have an income. But Roger refuses to be a truck driver.

Slacker asked Roger if he thinks he is better than driving a truck. He answered yes.  He asks Megan if she is worried he won’t find the administrative position he wants, and she said yes.  Slacker says this could be a job that you can have until he finds a job he really loves. He doesn’t want to come off like Roger being snooty and looking down on truck drivers. He makes the point that truck drivers are very important and everything we see with our eyes, they brought here.

Steve asks Roger if he can have the truck driver job until he can find a job in his field. He said he doesn’t want to end up as a meth addict 20 years down the road. He offers to Megan to be a truck driver. She obviously said no.
He agrees with Slacker that truck drivers are very important for this country to run.

What advice can you give this couple?

Intern Nikki

(Photo courtesy freedigitalphotos.net)

06/05/2014 4:20PM
OPP: Not Gonna Be A Truck Driver
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