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GMD: Move 25-Year-Old Daughter Back In


Kara and Dominic's youngest kid is getting ready to head off to college and the will have no more kids in their house. But their 25-year-old daughter wants to move back in with them. Kara says absolutely not, and Dominic says they have to help her because it's their duty as parents to keep her safe.

Slacker said it sounds like Kara doesn’t trust her daughter home alone. She replied she doesn’t trust her daughter at home. Dominic said that’s their baby girl and he isn’t going to make her live on the street. Kara replied that their daughter is lazy and every job she gets, she quits. He asked Dominic when he will say no to his daughter.  He didn’t answer. Slacker says this is like being in a prison and getting an extra year to your sentence.

Steve said it sounds like Kara sounds like she is in shut down mode. She replied that she feels like her life is being taken away. He thought kids come first as parents. He said they chose this life to take care of their kids from day one to their last day when they had them. If you let their daughter move in now, the other ones will want to move back. Their job as a parent does not ever end.

Whose side are you on?

Intern Nikki

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07/24/2014 4:20PM
GMD: Move 25-Year-Old Daughter Back In
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07/24/2014 4:49PM
Demanding fair rent prices
I would love for people to acknowledge the larger issue that the majority of people on their 20s are not able to afford to live on their own. It's probably not an issue that will improve until we all come together and demand fair rent prices.
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