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GMD: Make a Career Switch

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Leslie always wanted to be a veterinarian when she was growing up. She hates her current job, and lately she has seen a lot of signs telling her to follow her dream (it's the year of the horse, a dog grooming place opened by their house, etc). She says they can afford it, so she wants to quit her job and go to school to become a veterinarian. Ray says that he wants his wife to be happy, but it is crazy to throw everything away to chase a silly childhood dream.

Slacker thinks Leslie is a little crazy for pointing to the universal signs to making a career change. He also says that at some level, we all find a way to be unhappy with our jobs.

Steve thinks Ray is a little jealous that Leslie is starting to take steps to follow her dream. When it comes down to it, Steve thinks Ray is probably being more logical.

Whose side are you on?

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03/06/2014 11:48PM
GMD: Make a Career Switch
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03/07/2014 8:44PM
leslie put in notice without telling
Hope he divorces her.
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