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GMD: Leave the Kids Alone

Ryan and Cassandra have two teenage daughters who are 13 and 15. The girls want to be left home alone while the parents are away on a weekend vacation. Cassandra thinks it would be fine and wants the girls to know they trust them. Ryan thinks it’s a bad idea and doesn’t want to do it. He doesn’t quite trust the girls yet to have friends over when they’re not home.

Slacker thinks they could just have a neighbor or family member check on them every once in a while just to see how the girls are doing. He would be more comfortable leaving a 15 year old son home than daughter just for safety precautions.

Steve thinks Ryan is right and that there would be a party that numerous people would come to.  He says his sister was always aloud to be left home alone but he wasn’t. He doesn’t think you can control whether the friends would come over and have a party.

Should they let them stay home alone?

I think they should let them stay home. I think girls are more responsible than boys when it comes to being home alone which is why my parents let me stay home alone and not my brothers.

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05/01/2014 4:21PM
GMD: Leave the Kids Alone
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05/02/2014 7:25PM
I agree with Ryan
I think the girls are too young. I think an appropriate age would be 15 and 17. Who is going the drive the kids around while the parents are away on their trip? My mom passed away when I was 15. My dad started dating right away and he would leave me home alone often. One weekend when I was 16, I decided to have just a few friends over. Of course, rumor got around that my dad was out of town. People started showing up and just walking in because "parents were gone." The few people turned into a party and it got out of control and I didn't know how to tell people to leave. I actually called the cops on my own party as a noice complaint. As a girl, I didn't know how to kick the guys out- especially people who were older than me, so the cops did it for me. Unfortunately, this was after one guy puked in one bathroom and another guy puked all over out dining room table in our formal dining room. I was mature,popular and had to grow up fast and it was not a good situation. Melissa
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