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GMD: Hoarding Husband

Nathan likes to keep sentiments and mementos from special moments in his life such as movie tickets, love letters, report cards, etc. Amy, his wife, thinks that he’s basically hoarding the stuff and it’s getting out of hand. She wants him to get rid of the stuff or stop hoarding, he doesn’t see anything wrong with wanting to keep things from special moments.

Slacker wonders why, if Steve can’t wait to throw away papers and purge other stuff why does he hold on to those old sentiments. He says that he doesn’t even save his own kid’s drawings and crafts they make. He thinks if you have the memory you don’t need the memento.

Steve says he does the same thing and saves his old tickets stubs, carnival prizes from old girlfriends, etc. He doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with keep old knick knacks to help remember special moments. He tries to keep just the mile stone mementos and not the unimportant mementos like a random receipt.

Do you think he should get rid of the mementos and stop hoarding them or do you think it’s completely acceptable?

I myself save a lot of my mementos such as tickets stubs, sticky notes, cards, etc. But I only keep one small box of that stuff and clear it out now and then. I think it’s fine if Nathan keeps certain mementos like his first date ticket, and his children’s drawings, but I don’t think he should save random unimportant things that don’t have much sentimental meaning.
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04/03/2014 4:26PM
GMD: Hoarding Husband
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04/04/2014 3:24PM
I understand the desire to keep momentous, and to have items that will someday reflect memories for your children. My mother had a filing cabinet where each of her 3 daughters have there very own drawer. She kept report cards, letters, rewards, and art that we expressed pride in. As we got older we sometimes would find something was so special to us that we would ask our mom to put it in our files. Our files are really fun to go through and easily accessible. They bring back memories and bring us closer when we go through them. When we became teens our mom bought us large bins with lids. We were allowed to fill these with keepsakes of our own choosing, but we didn't keep what didn't fit. Mine is filled with stuffed animals, my favorite dress, and a Barbie. If I ever want to put something else in there I can, but something will have to go. By keeping a filing cabinet or bin specifically for keepsakes you pick the most significant things to keep and don't have to worry about it becoming too much. As a side note, letting your kids pick what to keep is fun because it shows you what is important to them and teaches them organization. My sister went through hers yesterday and found an old cheap baseball card of a player that went by the name Strawberry. She remembered asking our mom to put it in her file because she liked that he went by that name and felt it was significant enough to keep. The card is only worth $1.25, but we had a lot of fun reminiscing about her fascination with baseball cards and her thought process as a kid.
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