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GMD: Gym Rat

Jessica wanted to start working out with her husband Michael to spend more time with him. However, now he manages everything she eats and guilts her into going to the gym numerous times a day. She’s getting sick of it and overwhelmed. He thinks he’s being supportive and helping her.

Slacker doesn’t think Michael realizes that Jessica is trying to use gym time to bond together. He wonders if he’d be disappointed if Jessica quit going to the gym altogether, if he’d still stay with her. He wishes he had Michael’s discipline to go the gym that often.

Steve wonders if they’re planning on having kids and if he’ll be okay with Jessica having a mommy body.  He thinks Jessica didn’t know the level Michael would want her at while they’re working at the gym. He thinks it would consume a lot of his time so he would rarely see Jessica.

Should they keep their passions separate or try to compromise?

I think that they should keep their passions separate. Obviously she’s not as committed to working out as often and enduring as he is so they shouldn’t go the gym together.

Intern Courtney

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05/15/2014 4:22PM
GMD: Gym Rat
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05/15/2014 4:53PM
I think what Michael is trying to say, without actually saying it is something like this. You know I love you for who you are and as you look right now and when we met.. You know this because I am marrying you and want us to spend the rest of our lives together. Because of these reasons I want you to maintain your life and health. Exercise is a big part of that. If that makes me selfish, then I guess I am. I want a long and happy healthy life together. I am doing my part and would like to ask you to join me. Whatever we do together as a couple is better than doing it alone.
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