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GMD: Gay Adoption


The Debate today is between Ken and Brad. Ken and his wife are expecting a baby. They have already decided that they are not in a place to provide for the child right now, and agreed that they were going to give the baby up for adoption. His wife's brother, Brad, said that he would raise the child with his partner. Ken doesn't like the idea of his child being raised by someone that is gay and would rather see the baby in a "traditional" home. Brad says that he and his partner have a solid relationship for the last 8 years and the financial ability to care for the child.

Slacker says that Ken is not saying who he does want it to go to he is just saying who he doesn’t want it to go to and that is Brad.

Steve thinks that if you put it up for adoption then there is a still a chance that another gay couple could adopt it. There may be a way to choose a little bit as to who your child goes to.

They need some help in this big decision. What do you think they should do?

I think that if they give it to her brother they will still have the opportunity to be in the child’s life and can see the child grow up and know it is being taken care of. If they give it up to strangers they won’t know the child is being cared for and will likely never see it again. They may be gay but they are not aliens. They will love that child just as much as any other couple. If he is worried the child will be gay too it is unlikely, look it up.
This great Mate Debate today was cancelled/changed due to Ken’s decision at the last moment not to go on the air.


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11/21/2013 5:33PM
GMD: Gay Adoption
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