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GMD: Gastric Bypass


He wants to get gastric bypass to get back down to a healthy weight. He feels he needs a reset so that he can get back to where he needs to be to be around for his daughter. He said he has tried everything else and this is the only way he can see working for him. She says that he was the one that destroyed his body and he needs to do the work to lose the weight. This is an easy way out. She wants him to at least try to lose it in the gym. He goes and works out but then goes to bed with a bowl of ice cream. She also thinks that he is proving to their overweight 10 year old daughter that she can be unhealthy and “cheat” to lose the weight later.

Slacker it’s his body. I fear for him because it is not a miracle cure. 50% of people are saying he will need it again because he is not ready.

Steve wow it does work for both sexes. It is a waste if he is not ready now. What’s wrong with taking an easy road? He needs to reset just do something.

Surgery? Or no surgery? What advice do you have for these two?

This is just an aid, you have to work hard to keep that band in place and it makes you sick sometimes and you can only eat two ounces at a time. Trust me it is no picnic. As far as their daughter goes they have obviously not taught her a healthy diet and exercise schedule so she is already overweight. They are both to blame for this. He is screaming for help. If she doesn’t like the surgery idea she should agree to get on board and help him. Don’t buy junk food. Go to the gym with him. Make him the appointment with the personal trainer or councilor. Encourage him. He needs to commit to it too. If these measures still don’t work let him get the surgery.

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11/07/2013 5:47PM
GMD: Gastric Bypass
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