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GMD: Friends With His Friends

Cindy and John have been together for a year and a half and they are having a slight disagreement about John's friends. She has never once met John's buddies and he claims that he doesn't want her to because when they hang out it is strictly "bro time." She at least wants to meet them in person, but John is saying absolutely not.
Slacker asks john if she can just meet them, they don’t have to go drink beers or whatever. He also asked John if he and Cindy are really serious and he answer yes. Slacker put John blast and said he clearly isn’t if he hasn’t introduced his best friend to his girlfriend. He said John is acting like a bachelor and he can’t do that anymore because they are serious. Yes, people can have their secrets, but in this case he thinks something shady is going on.
Steve asks her if she thinks he is embarrassed of her. Steve knows where John is coming from because it is worlds colliding. He said that John is protecting Cindy from the guys because there’s something s they know about him that Cindy should never know.
Whose side are you on?
I am 100% on Cindy’s side because he is clearly hiding something. You can still introduce someone and keep the two groups separate after the meeting. It isn’t hard. John, you’re a fool and I hope Cindy leaves you because you are so immature. Maybe that will teach you the importance of love.
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02/06/2014 4:24PM
GMD: Friends With His Friends
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02/06/2014 4:46PM
I am with him
I think he should have some things just for himself. I am a women and I am with him!!!
02/07/2014 6:58PM
With her
He shouldnt be able to cheat on who ever he wants and get away with it . I'm a women and I wouldn't want my boyfriend to do that to me.
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