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GMD:Fire the Babysitter


She is responsible, fun, and the kids love her. She is your babysitter of 4 years and is turning into a beautiful young woman. The problem is that Mom wants to fire her, and Dad wants to keep her because the children would be upset. It is the Great Mate Debate.

Slacker said it’s weird because of the “cradle rocking” factor. We don’t know if Amber is one of those girls that want to ruin a relationship.  Slacker questioned about the kids and if it would be worth it to cuts those ties and introduce someone new to the kids, and the Mom replied, “Absolutely, it’s worth it to me.” Slacker thinks it’s very hard to find a great baby-sitter. And if the kids are comfortable then keep her!

Steve thought it was a “slam dunk” on his side, until he heard Mom’s side saying, “Amber is like a juicy steak sitting on front of you, when you’re really hungry.” The temptation would be so hard to resist. Steve thinks Dad makes a good point that even if he fired the babysitter it would be a 6-block walk to her house if he wanted to cheat on his wife. It would be awkward if they fired her because then the neighbors would think something already happened.

Whose side are you on?

I am on the dad’s side. Despite their past they need to resolve their differences. A good, reliable babysitter is hard to find. Mom had a great reason to be a little insecure about the babysitter, but not to the point of firing her when she has grown with the family and been reliable for them. I think it would crush the babysitter to know that the mom is being like this especially when I can bet that she isn’t even into the dad!

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12/12/2013 4:53PM
GMD:Fire the Babysitter
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12/13/2013 2:55PM
Dad is soooo right
So I guess I am confused on what exactly the issue with a teenage girl is. Did he get caught cheating with a teenager originally or is she just lumping attractive girls and women in one group? The biggest problem I am seeing is that she is accusing her husband of cheating on her with underage girls, so is she saying she is ok with being married to a pedophile???? That is basically what she is calling him. And now that the girls name has been announced along with their very public argument, how may people who know them personally now think the wife is off her rocker??? She really needs to either leave him or find a good therapist.
12/18/2013 8:59PM
fire the babysitter
what was the outcome - did the babysitter get fired or not?
12/19/2013 2:29PM
Where is the audio for this? I missed it and I've been dying to listen to it ever since reading this blog.
12/21/2013 6:17PM
I need the audio!
The wife is being a paranoid psycho the husband needs to dump her ASAP! I wonder what the baby sitter's parents think of this?
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