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GMD: Dumping Social Media


A recent study showed that 20% of marriages have ended in divorce due to social media websites. Chloe wants to get rid of all social media, but Blake doesn't. Chloe claims it is taking away from their relationship and he is always on it, while Blake says it is how he communicates with family, his business, etc.

Slacker says it is over 50% that people list on their divorce papers saying it caused the divorced. Slacker tells Blake that he gets it, but if they didn’t have it they would find other ways to communicate. Blake said he enjoys using facebook and it is a great tool for him to use for his business. Chloe says yes she is on face book, but she was fine without it so why do they need it now? Slacker says that she likes one technology and not another. Slacker thinks her heart is in a good place and thinks Blake may be slightly an addict.

Steve thinks Blake is just going to sneak facebook behind her back. He thinks that if you’re not connected then you will be left behind with the technology, but if the wife wants it gone then he should do it. He doesn’t get that concept really, but if that’s what marriage is then he might have to just get rid of it.

Whose side are you on?

I am on Blake’s side. I think Chloe is being immature and unreasonable. I am on facebook a lot, but there is some sort of insecurity there if you are this upset about it. If it is that big of a deal to her to get rid of the facebook then I think they need to come to a compromise where he doesn’t check it when they are spending time together.

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02/20/2014 4:26PM
GMD: Dumping Social Media
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