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Parker and Samantha are a married couple who recently visit Parker’s parents. While they were there Samantha realized Parker’s dad drove home drunk numerous times. She thinks they need to either get him help or send him to jail for drinking and driving. Parker thinks he’s fine and doesn’t want to ruin his dad’s life because he drives after having a beer.

Slacker would like to know just how drunk the dad was since they both obviously have different bias. He thinks Parker doesn’t want to betray his dad an d turn him in but if it was to save a life it might be worth it. He doesn’t think it matters if nothing’s happened in the past while the dad was driving drunk because it could still happen and then everyone would regret not getting him help

Steve wants the dad to be safe and other citizens to be safe but he thinks if he’s done it for this long the dad may not be that drunk. He thinks it may be wrong to turn the dad into the police but he thinks Parker may be able to talk to his dad and try to get him to stop driving drunk before someone gets hurt.

Is Samantha over reacting or is Parker denying the fact that his father needs help?

I strongly dislike people who drive while drunk because they are willingly putting other people’s lives at risk. I don’t think they should go to the police but I think they should at least try to talk some sense into Parker’s dad.

Intern Courtney

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04/10/2014 4:22PM
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