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GMD: Car for Responsibility


Patrick wants to buy his 16-year-old daughter a brand new car for safety reasons. But Angela doesn't think their daughter has shown that she is responsible enough. Yes, it is the Great Mate Debate.

Slacker says this is like the chicken and the egg issue. What came first? Slacker had a junker car and he treated it like a junker. His friends even treated it like a junker. But the kids he knew that were given the responsibility of a new car did treat the car right. The mom makes an argument that their daughter loses her keys all the time. Half of Slacker thinks the dad is an idiot. Half of him thinks the dad is smart and it would teach the girl to be an adult.

Steve bought his nephew a brand new car and his nephew trashed it. He would not buy a 16-year-old girl a brand new car. He is still making payments on the car and insurance.

Whose side are you on?

I’m on the mom’s side. No 16-year-old “deserves” a brand new 2014 car. Ever.

 Intern Nikki

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06/12/2014 4:22PM
GMD: Car for Responsibility
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06/12/2014 4:30PM
Mom is ultimately right.
Why is Dad not willing to negotiate on this. Really? It HAS to be a 2014 vehicle to be safe and nice? That's ridiculous. A 16 year old doesn't need a brand spanking new car. At the end of the debate Mom had mentioned this will cause them to be tight financially. Yet again, why get a brand new car for your 16 year old daughter if it's going to cause financial stress? Buying a car a few years old (2005-2010) will bring the price down significantly and will still be a reliable and nice car. I'm 26 years old and have driven the same car since I was 16. A 1999 Honda Accord. I was thankful to even have a car when I turned 16. No 16 year old should EXPECT a 2014 vehicle. I took good care of my car and guess what? Despite it being SO OLD according to the Dad here, it has never broken down on me once. I haven't put any money into it other than typical upkeep and maintenance. And I still love it! I'm on Mom's side 100% because he isn't even willing to compromise.
06/12/2014 4:45PM
Brand new car for a 16 year old NO WAY
New cars are not a guarantee of a safe vehicle. GM had the ignition switch issues with their new cars. Toyota has the gas pedal issues a few years ago, and they have recalled 2.27 million cars for an airbag glitch that could cause a fire. Ford recalled 1.4 million cars for steering issues.
06/12/2014 4:45PM
safe car
I have a teenager too. We came to the agreement that they had to pay me back for 1/2 the car, and I had ultimate say on a safe car. We ended up with a 2001 volvo. Older car , but safe car. Bought it from my mechanic who fixed it up for me. I think a kid needs to earn things. A new car is something they need to earn and look forward too. Plenty of older, reliable, safe cars out there.
06/12/2014 4:46PM
GMD Car for responsibility
If you guys are looking at a car, and a new car is even on the able, give the your child one of your guy's cars and YOU get the new one. :-) If the vehicle you're driving is safe enough for you to get, then it's safe enough for your child.You are driving them around in it now, right? Safe enough for that = safe enough for them to drive.
06/16/2014 11:50PM
Who won?
Who won this debate? I HOPE the mom!
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