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GMD: Car Lover

Tony is obsessed with his new car. He invests lot of time into it and is always cleaning it or washing it. His wife Kristen thinks he’s way too attached to it and spends too much time with it. He thinks it’s completely acceptable since it’s a new car that he’s always wanted.

Slacker wants to know if he’s so obsessed with it that he won’t let his wife drive it or if he would share it with her. He doesn’t think a car is an investment. It shouldn’t take time away from his wife. He thinks Tony is being a little unfaithful to his wife. He thinks Steve would be the same way if he was in a marriage. A car is not more important than a person.

Steve thinks Tony’s behavior is completely acceptable. He would do the same thing if he had a new car. He thinks anything that takes attention away from the spouse in a marriage is not healthy. He thinks if someone puts more time into anything other than the marriage it will cause problems.

Do you think he’s too attached to the car?

I think he’s letting the car consume too much of his time. His wife should come first and foremost and then the car. The second something becomes in between a marriage is when it falls apart.
Intern Courtney
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03/20/2014 4:23PM
GMD: Car Lover
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