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GMD: Business at Home


Jeff and his wife Katherine just had a baby. Jeff runs his business out of his home and has his clients walk through the house to get to his office. Katherine wants him to use a side door because she breast feeds and lounges in the living room with the baby. Jeff says he can't just bring clients through a side door when his business pays the bills.

Slacker asks Katherine if they would have their home if Jeff didn’t have his business and Katherine said no. Jeff replied by saying that he likes to show his clients their nice house and get them refreshments and he can’t do that if they go through a side door. Slacker says if he were doing business with a guy out of his house he’d want to go through the front door because it looks sleazy if not. Slacker thinks Katherine can breastfeed in another room or get a job and not be present while Jeff conducts business.

Steve says isn’t unsafe to have strangers with a new baby. Katherine said she is not scared of them and wants to breastfeed in her living room. Steve thinks that Jeff should be protecting the baby and his wife when they have people they don’t know coming to and from their house on a daily basis.

Whose side are you on?

I am on Jeff’s side. I think Katherine can go in another room to watch TV. during business hours and can definitely breast feed somewhere else too. It is pretty simple, especially when she doesn’t have a job…

Intern Nikki

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08/28/2014 4:20PM
GMD: Business at Home
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08/28/2014 4:37PM
It doesn't matter who makes the money. The house is seperate from the business. There are so many scammers out there that they could be checking out the house. Home and business should be seperate. Why did he get the door is the first place,fix up the yard.
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